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Office of Research and Development

The Office of Research and Development consists of three divisions: Academic Research and Development Section, Industry-Academic Collaboration and Innovation & Incubation Center, and Centre for International Affairs.The ORD is located at the second floor of the Administration building of NTSU.

The goal for Office of Research and Development is to pursue excellence, innovation, and integration. Specifically, the office strives for cultivating talented scholars that embrace love, consideration, international perspectives and leadership. Since research and innovation is the root of our university, we focus on four aspects: athlete training, sport sciences, sport pedagogy, and management. NTSU has four main goals in the following years.

  1. To strengthen competitive sport and challenge the limitation.
  2. To promote sports for all and health.
  3. To establish a platform for leisure industry and management.
  4. To establish high quality sport pedagogy and sport promotion

Academic Research and Development Section
The Academic Research and Development Section (ARDS) aims to improve the environment for academic research and to promote the reputation of our school academic achievements.

The ARDS provides the following services:

  1. To assist faculty and students to apply for academic resources and subsidization from other institutions.
  2. To enhance the collaborations and partnerships with other domestic academic institutions.
  3. To apply for funding from Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutions to support the academic development of faculty and students.
  4. To assist faculty and students for institutional review board affairs and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
  5. To establish academic conferences and workshops to promote research qualities.

Location and Personnel

Name Title & Assignment Contact
  Director 1233,
Hsiu-Ping Hsiao Specialist 1233, hhp0612@ntsu.edu.tw
Ting-Hsin Kong Specialist 1235, s0931025@ntsu.edu.tw

Industry-Academic Collaboration and Innovation & Incubation Center

The Industry-Academic Collaboration and Innovation & Incubation Center (IACIIC) functions as a consultant and a bridge for NTSU research teams and industrial units outside the university.


  1. Facilitate the industrial development of sport, leisure, and health promotion
  2. Establish a sound incubational environment for collaboration and development
  3. Encourage and facilitate the transformation of knowledge and technology into products
  4. Enlarge and deepen the collaboration and services

Services IACIIC provides :

  1. Regulate and facilitate administration and paper works
  2. Law consulting
  3. Business strategy development
  4. Incubation center management


Name Title &Assignment Contact
  Director 1288, 
Bo-Ying Cheng Business Specialist 1231, boying9@gmail.com
Mei-Ju Huang Specialist 1234, ah0218@ntsu.edu.tw


Regulations and Resources:

Related regulations are as the following (however, these files are in Chinese). If further details of these regulations are needed, please contact any of the personnel listed above. We will be happy to help.

Centre for International Affairs

The Centre for International Affairs is composed of one director and two coordinators, and it mission is to promote academic exchange, collaborative research, joint conferences, and faculty and students exchange. With various international exhibitions, collaborative research projects, and mutual visitation, the Center intends to enhance the publicity of NTSU and upgrade the status of the college in the international arena.  For more information on CIA, please go to http://iec.ntsu.edu.tw/index.php.